We thank the following institutions which have supported our objectives by depositing their research data in our archive.To establish the archive, we received financial support from Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Grant-in-Aid for Publication of Scientific Research Results) of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

AiDEM Inc. click (in Japanese)

Asahi Shimbun AERA editorial department (→click

Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization click

Adecco Ltd. click (in Japanese)

Ikuo AMANO (Emeritus, University of Tokyo)

Itaru ISHIGURO (Hirosaki University)

Takashi INOGUCHI (Chuo University)

Takashi UMEZAWA (Kokushikan University)

Engineering Advancement Association of Japan click

Entertainment Business Institute click (in Japanese)

O-net Inc. click (in Japanese)

Eiichi OHKI (Polytechnic University)

Osaka University of Commerce, JGSS Research Centerclick

Kaigo Center click (in Japanese)

The Institute for Research on Household Economics click

Kansai Productivity Center click

Minisrty of Economy, Trade and Industry click

Japanese Association of Corporative Executives click

Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities click

National Life Finance Corporation click

The Employment and Human Resources Development Organization of Japan click(in Japanese)

Hiroki SATO (Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo)

Industrial Employment Stabilization Center of Japan click (in Japanese)

JESⅢ Research Group (Ken'ichi IKEDA, Yoshiaki KOBAYASHI, Hiroshi HIRANO)

CNEP Japan Team

Justice Reform System Council click

Research Foundation for Safe Society click (in Japanese)

Japane Productivity Center for Socio-Economic Development click

Shoko Research Institute click (in Japanese)

Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association click

Special Committee on Human Resources Needs Survey

Shin Joho Center, Inc. click

Japan Institute of Life Insurance click (in Japanese)

SSM (Social Stratification and Social Mobility) in 1995 Research Group

Committee for Japanese Election and Democracy Study

National Federation of Small Business Associations click

Dai-ichi Life Research Institute Inc. click

National Federation of University Co-operative Associations in Japan click (in Japanese)

Shogo TAKEGAWA (University of Tokyo, Department of Sociology)

Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN click

Research Group on the Circumstances of Small and Medium Size Enterprise Managers

Japan Small Business Research Institute click

Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union click (in Japanese)

The Former Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Labor

Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology click


Consumer Affairs Agency, Government Of Japan click

Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Office click

Keisuke NAKAMURA (Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo)

Japan Institute of Worker's Evolution click (in Japanese)

2003 Social Stratification Survey Research Group (Yoshimichi SATO)

NLI Research Institute click

Japan Society of Family Sociology click

NIKKEI Inc. (Nihon Keizai Shimbun) click

Japan Staffing Service Association click

The Japan Research Institute click

Japan Management Association - Institute for Innovative Management (JMA site ->click )

Japane Management Association - Research Institute Inc. (JMA site ->click )

Japan Franchise Association click

Nippon Research Center, Ltd. click

Nippon Research Institute click (in Japanese)

Japan Trade Union Confederation (RENGO) click

Nomura Research Institute click

Hidenori FUJITA (International Christian University)

Benesse Educational Research & Development Institute click

The Ohara Institute for Social Research, Hosei University click

POLA Research Institute of Beauty & Culture click

Tomoo MARUKAWA (Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo)

University of Michigan click

Naoki MITANI (Kobe University)

Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. click

Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting click

Ichiro MIYAKE (Emeritus, Kobe University)

Ulrich Mohwald - Deutsches Institut fur Japanstudien

Works Institute, Recruit Co., Ltd. click

RENGO-RIALS (Research Institute for Advancement of Living Standards) click

The Japan Institute of Labor Policy and Training click

21COE-GLOPE, Waseda University (Aiji TANAKA) click

Japan Law Foundation click

Surbey Research Center Co., Ltd. click

Institute for Gender Studies, Ochanomizu University link

Meiji Yasuda Institute of Life and Wellness. inc.

Cabinet Office Director-general for Policies on Cohesive Society

Panel Survey Project, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo


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