International Survey Research Group

  To date, this Center has been engaged in activities to promote internationalization, such as becoming a member of IFDO, acting as the hub organization for ICPSR Japanese National Membership Association, hosting the East Asia Data Archive Symposium, and cooperating in conducting international comparative surveys in East Asia, etc. The International Survey Research Group was established when the center was reorganized in April 2009.

The Center for Social Research and Data Archives' international activities to date include:

IFDO Membership
  In February 2001, SSJ Data Archive was the first organization in East Asia to become a member of IFDO (International Federation of Data Organizations), an organization that promotes international exchange of information about data archiving.
Hub Organization of ICPSR Japanese National Membership Association
  In September 1999, the Japanese members of ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research) established the ICSPR Japanese National Membership Association in order to enable the archived data to be used more efficiently, and selected this Center as the hub organization. At present (April 1, 2017) membership has grown to 28 universities.
Hosting a Symposium on East Asia Data Archives
  In March 2008 the Center hosted a symposium titled Data Archives and Their Prospects in East Asia: Collaborative Data Collection, Dissemination, and Data Sharing. The goal of the symposium was to share information on current data collection activities and data archives for social science data in East Asia. Researchers who are specialists in these areas from China, South Korea, Taiwan and Germany were invited to give reports on the current status of data collection, management and usage in each of those countries and regions.
Assisting with conducting international comparative surveys in East Asia (between the academic year 2006-2012)
  Between the academic year of 2006-2012, as a part of its responsibilities for the JGSS Project at the period, the Social Survey Research Group has participated in the EASS (East Asian Social Survey) project, an international comparative survey conducted in multiple countries and regions in East Asia. The EASS project attempts to gather data for making international comparisons by incorporating a module containing the same questions in the survey forms of longitudinal surveys that are already being conducted in each country or region.

International Activities

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