International Symposium:
Social Science Data Preservation and Dissemination in East Asia

This symposium aims at sharing information about preservation and secondary use of social science data in East Asia, as well as promoting mutual use of social science data in each society. We invite experts from KOSSDA(Korean Social Science Data Archive) and SRDA(Survey Research Data Archive) in Taiwan. At this symposium, they will share their activities at data-archives, and the current state of secondary use of social science data in each society.

Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo
2012-12-07 13:00-16:30(JST)
Room 549, Akamon General Research Building, University of Tokyo (Hongo Campus)


Moderator: Shin Arita

  • ・Opening Remarks:Hiroshi Ishida
  • ・Data Preservation and Dissemination at SSJDA (Social Science Japan Data Archive): Yukio Maeda
  • ・Implementing Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) at SSJDA: Yuki Yonekura
  • ・Data Archinving at KOSSDA (Korean Social Science Data Archive): Acquisition, Preservation, Documentation, and Dissemination: Joon Han
  • ・The Practice of the Survey Research Data Archive in Taiwan: Ruoh-rong Yu

International Activities

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