Center for Social Research and Data Archives

Introduction to CSRDA



The Center comprises four groups which are: the Research Infrastructure Group, the Social Survey Research Group, the Quantitative Social Research Group, and the International Survey Research Group. The Research Infrastructure Group works with a variety of research agencies to gather large amounts of primary data in the SSJ Data Archive and make it available for use by universities, research institutions and researchers throughout Japan. The Social Survey Research Group conducts the Japanese Life Course Panel Survey (JLPS). And has cooperated with Osaka University of Commerce to conduct the Japanese General Social Surveys (JGSS) between the academic year of 1998-2012. The Quantitative Social Research Group, through secondary analysis research workshops and quantitative analysis seminars, etc., has as its goals, the promotion of cooperative research and fostering the development of young researchers. The International Survey Research Group establishes and maintains relationships with data archives throughout the world, and works to bring the SSJ Data Archive in line with international standards.