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Network of Asian Social Science Data Archives(NASSDA)

The Network of Asian Social Science Data Archives is the international networks of Asian data archives.
Our purpose is to share the social science data of Asian countries.

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Introduction of NASSDA Members

SRDA (Survey Research Data Archive) - Social data archive of Taiwan

SRDA is a data archive that collects and disseminates microdata on social and statistical survey research, and is a division of Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (RCHSS), Academia Sinica in Taiwan.
Academia Sinica consists of 24 research institutions and 7 centers; among those, RCHSS is currently Academia Sinica's only research center in the social science and humanities disciplines. It aims to foster research which is multi-disciplinary in nature, and is too difficult to conduct in other single-discipline institutes in Academia Sinica.
RCHSS consists of five specific-topic research centers, one of which is the Center for Survey Research (CSR), and SRDA is a part of CSR.

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Photo: RCHSS

SRDA was founded in 1994, and engages in the systematic acquisition, organization, and preservation of academic survey data and its dissemination to scholars for academic purposes. Long-term preservation of survey datasets is one of the responsibilities of the organization. Its data stock is considered to be one of the largest in scale/quantity in East Asia, and it covers academic areas such as sociology, economics, politics, pedagogy, business, public health, sports, and artistic studies.

The sources of datasets are mainly academic social research surveys and government surveys. Academic research surveys have three categories; (1) datasets donated by researchers and/or academic organizations, (2) datasets from research conducted by SRDA, and (3) datasets from research managed by, and conducted using, government research funds. Among government research datasets, those from Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan, Ministry of the Interior, Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, and National Development Council are available.

SRDA launched its website in English in 1998, and provides rich data materials to international academic surveys and researchers outside of Taiwan. Taiwan's SRDA has a good relationship with Japan's SSJDA (in the Institute of Social Science, the University of Tokyo) and Korea's KOSSDA (in Asia Center, the University of Seoul), and we are organizing international workshops on a regular basis. We seek to promote mutual sharing of data and information materials among our archives.

As a part of such cooperation, SRDA and SSJDA have mutually agreed to translate each Data-User Guide in order to promote the effective utilization of each data archives.

the SRDA's Data-User Guide (in Japanese)
the SRDA's Data-User Guide (in Japanese)
SRDA Website

KOSSDA (Korea Social Science Data Archive)

Korea Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA) is one of the most notable institutions for data archives in South Korea, and it leads in the country in collecting datasets and promoting their secondary usage.
KOSSDA was founded in 2006 with the aim of acquisition, preservation, and dissemination of Korean social science data and reference materials.

Since June 2015, KOSSDA has been managed under the Asia Center at the University of Seoul, in order to maximize the synergy of education and research and to develop the organization into a major international data archive institute.


Available Datasets

KOSSDA retains and offers around 2,500 datasets that cover various fields such as politics, economics, sociology, psychology, cultural study, and social science.

Research data
about 2,300 datasets, including those from KGSS (Korean General Social Survey) and Korean Labor and Income Panel Study.
Qualitative research data
approximately 200 qualitative data materials in different formats such as texts, voice, video, and images, which come from research on local communities, political and social movements, poverty, siblings, and migrant laborers abroad.

Research and Education

KOSSDA conducts surveys and analyzes the current conditions and circumstances of Korean society utilizing vast network of experts and human resources, thus enabling scholars to foresee future changes and transition of the society. It also undertakes the mission to organize digital data base with the aim of preserving important outcomes of academic studies and surveys in social science.

KOSSDA Website