Center for Social Research and Data Archives

Internationial Activities


The CSRDA has been engaged in a variety of efforts aimed at the internationalization of data archives, which include joining the IFDO, administering the ICPSR Japanese National Membership Association as its hub organization, sponsoring international workshops and seminars, and cooperating in international comparative surveys in East Asia. In conjunction with the reorganization of the center in April 2009, the CSRDA established the International Survey Research Group.

IFDO Membership

As a federation of the data archives in the social sciences and humanities around the world, the International Federation of Data Organizations (IFDO) plays the major role in promoting and stimulating academic research through the facilitation of the use and analysis of data. The SSJDA joined the IFDO as its first member country in East Asia in February 2001, and has been its board member since 2009.

Hub Organization of ICPSR Japanese National Membership Association

The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) stands as one of the world's largest data archives for collecting and preserving research data in the social sciences from all over the world and providing data access for academic secondary research. In September 1999, the ICPSR Japanese National Membership Association was formed by its japanese members for the efficient use of the archived data. The CSRDA manages the association as the domestic hub organization for the ICPSR. There are 31 member universities as of April 2019.

DDI Implementaion

As part of the efforts for the internationalication of data archive, the CSRDA has been promoting the implementation of the Data Documentation Intiative (DDI), one of the major international standards for metadata describing social science data. The center started a trial implementation of a DDI-compatible online data publishing and data analysis system in the latter half of 2009. In 2014, it launched official operation of Nesstar, the DDI-based metadata publishing and online analysis system widely in operation at data archives across the world. As of April 2019, 133 datasets in Japanese and 8 datasets in English are available for analysis in Nesstar. As a software project, the center develops the Easy DDI Organizer (EDO) which enables management and editing of DDI-based metadata in a Japanese language environment.
From the perspective of supporting the usage of EDO, the CSRDA has published the open-sourced code for EDO in November 2013, and its installer in November 2014 respectively. Thereafter, it has released the latest versino ot the installer in March 2019.

Cooperation wich Asian Data Archives(NASSDA)

The cooperation with data archives in East Asian countiries enables information sharing on the preservation and dissemination of social science data and its increased mutual use. In 2016, Japan (SSJDA), Korea (KOSSDA), Taiwan (SRDA), and China (CNSDA) established the Network of East Asia Social Science and Data Archives (NASSDA), and each country cooperates to hold regular international conferences.

Cooperation with Overseas Research Organizations

Our center develops a network and cooperation with overseas data archives and their related research institutions. Until today, we have invited experts from the U.S., Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands, and have held international conferences.