Center for Social Research and Data Archives

Introduction to CSRDA

CSRDA Protection of Personal Information

The Center for Social Research and Data Archives, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo (CSRDA) handles personal information provided by users of the archive as determined in the following policies.

(1) Collection of personal information

CSRDA may collect users' personal information (name, affiliated institutions, email address, phone number, address) in situations as listed below.

  1. As procedure for provision of data
  2. As procedure for depositing data
  3. Registration to events hosted by CSRDA such as seminars, symposia and study groups.
  4. As procedure for other contacts

(2) Use of Personal information

CSRDA uses personal information acquired as described in (1) only for the purposes listed below.

  1. As reference of the depositor during data depositing procedure.
  2. As reference of the user regarding their agreement to terms and conditions of use of data
  3. Provision of information or invitation to participate in events hosted by the Institute of Social Science, Tokyo University.
  4. Creation of user statistics for varying services provided by CSRDA.

(3) Disclosure of Personal Information

The CSRDA will not disclose personal information collected as described in (1) to third parties without the consent of the individuals except where it is legally obligated to do so.

(4) Request for disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information

Users may request the following regarding their own information registered at CSRDA.

  1. Disclosure of information
  2. Request for correction, addition, or deletion based on grounds that the information is not correct.
  3. Request to cease use of or to delete the information based on grounds that the information was misused or collected illegally.
  4. Request to cease provision to a third party based on grounds that the information was provided to a third party illegally. When such requests are received, CSRDA may verify the person's identity to make sure that it is made from the person in question.

(5) Maintenance of Personal Information

CSRDA has necessary measures taken to prevent illegal access, leakage, falsification, and damage to personal information.

(6) Others

Other matters not covered in this policy shall be handled in accordance to "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" or "Guidelines on the Appropriate Maintenance of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Organs." This policy may be revised for safer and more appropriate management of the archive or by revision of related laws.

Supplementary Note
Individual Data held by CSRDA have been deleted of any connected information which ties to identification of the respondent under strict measures. Thus they are not personal information as determined in Act on Protection of Personal Information, but due to its contents and nature, they are protected under the same policies. Individual data will not be disclosed to third parties without formal investigation or investigation by the depositors.