Center for Social Research and Data Archives

For Data Users

Data Usage Application Procedures

If you wish to apply for access to the SSJDA, please follow the procedures below. Please click on each section header below for the details of each step.

(1) Verify the Conditions for Use

The SSJ Data Archive offers access to its datasets, at no cost, under the terms indicated in the Agreement (Pledge). While use of the data is free of charge, for data supplied by postal mail applicants are requested to cover the expenses of sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope with their application.

Please be advised that conditions for use may differ in certain cases, so we ask that you carefully confirm the details provided in the "Abstract" file for each dataset that you wish to apply for.

(2) Selecting the Data

Visit our "Data Search" system to search for the dataset(s) you wish to analyze. Details for each dataset can be found under the listing for the dataset, including: Abstract (English language), Gaiyo (abstract in Japanese) and Chosa-hyo (questionnaire details in Japanese), Chosa-hyo Hokoku (reports on the questionnaire in Japanese), and the List of Usage Output.

(3) Registering and Applying for the Data

Applications for data use are conducted online through the SSJ Data Archive's service "SSJDA Direct". First-time users must first acquire an ID and password by registering with SSJDA Direct. Please access SSJDA Direct and follow the directions for "New User Registration".

Once you have registered, applications can be made from the "My Page" section of the SSJDA Direct website. Applications for Data Use are conducted entirely online.

When your application is approved, you will receive a "Notice of Approval of Application for Data Use" e-mail from SSJDA Direct to the e-mail address you have registered.

(4) Receiving the Data

In the case of data provided by postal mail, applicants are requested to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) to SSJDA. A CD-R with the requested data will be mailed to you upon receiving the self-addressed, stamped envelope. Details on postal mail procedures can be found at FAQ from Users No.3 (I am an oversea applicant)..

For data that is available for download, the data can be accessed online by logging in to SSJDA Direct and accessing the data from the "My Page" section.

(5) Secondary Analysis and Data Usage Reports

We wish you success with your secondary analysis of the data. If you find any mistakes or problems with the dataset(s) provided, please notify SSJDA. Please also refer to Frequently Asked Questions from Users for further questions.

Each time you publically present analysis that uses SSJDA data (including book chapters, journal articles, papers presented at academic conferences, and research papers) you are required to cite the data according to the citation format described in the Agreement, Section 3.

The procedures for reporting your use of the data differ depending on whether or not the dataset(s) you have used have a limited period of use. In most cases, data access is permitted for one year. A notification will be sent from SSJDA Direct one month before termination of the period of use. Please login to SSJDA Direct and submit your Usage Report before the period of use expires. Users wishing to apply for an extension of the data use period can select the option "I will apply for an extension of the data use period" from the "Usage Report" menu for the particular data use application they wish to extend.

If you have produced any publications (including book chapters, journal articles, or conference presentations) that use SSJDA datasets, please file an Output Report online through SSJDA Direct. In addition, please send a hardcopy of the book, article, report, or conference proceedings by postal mail to the SSJ Data Archive. For details on how to submit these documents, please click here. Publications are kept on file at the SSJ Data Archive, and copies are also distributed to the relevant depositing institution(s).