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We are inviting interested participants to the SSJDA Seminars. The SSJDA Seminars provide young researchers from overseas the opportunity to exchange research ideas and present their latest empirical research results in the field of social sciences, thereby building an international network of young researchers. Please check the SSJDA Seminar Guidelines for details.

The SSJDA Seminar [22nd November (Mon), 2021] "Love Action and Predestined Community of Wuhan Anti-epidemic Volunteer Service″

Date & Time
22nd November (Mon), 2021, 11:00-12:00
Love Action and Predestined Community of Wuhan Anti-epidemic Volunteer Service
Shuai Chi (Nankai University)
Tomoyo Toyota (The University of Shimane), Asei Ito (The University of Tokyo)
Previous studies on the relationship between non-governmental organizations and government organizations are mainly based on the perspective of the relationship between the state and society. Through case studies, they analyze and summarize the different relationship models between the two parties, and pay more attention to the normal operation of voluntary service, but relatively lacks a dynamic perspective to show the organizational development process of volunteers. This paper starts with the love action of the volunteer groups established temporarily after the lockdown of Wuhan City, analyzes the self-construction process of non-governmental volunteer organizations, and understands the development trend of these relationship models by showing the community consciousness of voluntary service, integrating structure analysis with action analysis. It is found that the diversity and personalization of civil voluntary service can make up for the lack of legitimacy, but with its own systematization, the institutional characteristics of voluntary service will become more and more obvious, and voluntary service groups will gradually cooperate with government agencies to establish a greater community of destiny.
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