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We are inviting interested participants to the SSJDA Seminars. The SSJDA Seminars provide young researchers from overseas the opportunity to exchange research ideas and present their latest empirical research results in the field of social sciences, thereby building an international network of young researchers. Please check the SSJDA Seminar Guidelines for details.

The SSJDA Seminar [21st December (Tue), 2021] "Low Input Technology and its Impact on the Profitability and Environmental Sustainability of UK Dairy Farming System″

Date & Time
21st December (Tue), 2021, 16:00-17:00
Low Input Technology and its Impact on the Profitability and Environmental Sustainability of UK Dairy Farming System
Mercy Ojo (Newcastle University)
Yuichiro Yoshida (Hiroshima University),Keisuke Kawata(The University of Tokyo)
The use of low input technology in farming is gaining a lot of attention as it is often acknowledged to support and contribute to environmental sustainability. Many uncertainties are envisaged to surround the UK agriculture. Thus, the question remains whether UK dairy sector would still be profitable and environmentally sustainable using low input technology. By exploring the links between technology choice, economic and environmental performance of UK dairy farmers, this research employs a NonParametric Frontier Model applied to 477 UK dairy farms based on three years average data. The empirical results show that high input dairy farmers use their external inputs more efficiently than low input farmers. However, the significant gap between the two farming systems differs greatly across UK countries. This research reinforces the importance of cost efficiency of UK dairy farming, and it emphasises that farmers who prioritise cost efficiency would also seek to reduce the use of external inputs in a bid to strengthen their commitments to environmental sustainability.
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