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We are inviting interested participants to the SSJDA Seminars. The SSJDA Seminars provide young researchers from overseas the opportunity to exchange research ideas and present their latest empirical research results in the field of social sciences, thereby building an international network of young researchers. Please check the SSJDA Seminar Guidelines for details.

The SSJDA Seminar [10th February (Wed), 2021] "Ambidextrous Leadership and Innovative Behavior: The Moderating Role of Gender Diversity Climate″

Date & Time
10th February (Wed), 2021, 11:00-12:00
Ambidextrous Leadership and Innovative Behavior: The Moderating Role of Gender Diversity Climate
Soyeon Kim (Shujitsu University)
Sugata Sumida (Hiroshima Shudo University) , Izumi Mori (The University of Tokyo)
How to enhance employees' innovative behaviors in their daily work is critical for organizational innovation and sustainability. Rosing, Frese, & Bausch (2011) defined ambidextrous leadership as "the ability to foster both explorative and exploitative behaviors in followers by increasing or reducing variance in their behaviors and flexibly switching between those behaviors." It is argued that ambidextrous leadership's balanced and flexible nature of managing employees contributes to enhancing employees' creative and innovative ideas (Zacher & Rosing, 2015). Building on ambidextrous leadership theory (Rosing, Frese, & Bausch, 2011), the study attempts to explore ambidextrous leadership effectiveness in South Korea. Specifically, the present study aims to clarify the followings: 1) the relationship between direct supervisors' ambidextrous leadership and innovative behavior of employees; 2) the mediating mechanism through which ambidextrous leadership leads to innovative behavior; 3) the facilitating role of gender diversity climate on the ambidextrous leadership effectiveness. From the findings, the study proves the significance of the dual and balanced behaviors of leaders on enhancing employees' innovative behaviors. It further highlights the facilitating role of gender diversity climate on elevating the positive effect of ambidextrous leadership.
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