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The History of Archive in Japan

Efforts in Japan before the Establishment of SSJDA

The importance archiving electronic data for secondary analyses was acknowledged early on in Japan, and since the 1960s, several proposals on establishing data archives have been advanced. In 1991, the most recent blueprint for establishing a data archive, Seron Chousa Data Kiko Setsuritsu Shuisho (Proposal for the establishment of Public Opinion Data Archive) was presented by Seron Chousa Kyokai (Japan Association for Public Opinion Research).

While formal proposals are not easily translated into systematic actions, innovative institutions and researchers have, since the 1980s, begun individual efforts to make their electronic data publicly accessible. Notable data include public opinion and other surveys archived at the Roper Center in the United States during the post World War II period (Ichiro Miyake at Kansai University), public opinion survey on election behavior (Leviathan Data Bank, Ikuo Kabashima et al. at the University of Tokyo), and a panel study on consumer attitudes (The Institute for Household Economy, Yoshio Higuchi et al. at Keio University).

Studies on data archives have also been conducted, which include Joho Shisutemu (The Information System) (Hiroshi Inoue and Dairoku Furuse), funded by the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research as Priority Research from 1977 to 1979; and Tamokuteki Sougo Toukei Deta Banku (The Multi-Purpose General Statistical Data Bank) (Shuntaro Shishido), funded by the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research as Priority Research from 1983 to 1985. Based on the findings of these studies, various data directories have been published. A recent study includes Mikuro Toukei Deta (Electronic Statistical Data) (Yoshiro Matsuda), funded by the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research as Priority Areas Research from 1996 to 1998.

The following documents illustrate the accumulation of social survey activities, which paved the way for the establishment of SSJDA:

  • Seron Chousa Nenkan-Zenkoku Seron Chousa (Kikan) no Genkyo (Annual Report on the Public Opinion Survey - the state of national public opinion survey) Public Relations Office, former Prime Minister's Office (1954 - )
  • Tokei Chousa Soran (Directory of Japanese Offcial Statistics) Statistical Survey Department, Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications
  • Sengo Nihon no Rodo Chousa (Survey of Labor in Post-war Japan) Rodo Chousa Kenkyu Kai (1970)
  • Sengo Nihon no Nouson Chousa (Survey of Agricultural Towns in Post-war Japan) Sengo Nihon no Nouson Chousa Kenkyu Kai (1977),
  • Seron Chousa ni yoru Dojidaishi (Studying Contemporary History Using Public Opinion Survey) Shigeki Nishidaira (1987),
  • Nihon no Shakai - Ishiki Chousa (Japanese Society - A Survey of Perspectives) Shakai Ishiki Chousa Deta Base Kenkyuu Kai (1994),
  • Shakai Chousa no Koukai Deta - Niji Bunseki He No Shoutai (Publicly Accessible Social Survey Data - An Invitation to Secondary Analyses) Hiroki Sato, Hiroshi Ishida, and Kenichi Ikeda eds. (2000) (About this book in Japanese language)

The History of SSJDA

Efforts in Japan before the Establishment of SSJDA

  • 1998 AprilSSJDA established. Starts disseminating raw data.
  • 1998 MayNikkei Shimbun Morning Edition(May 17)publishes an article about the Archives.
  • 1999 SeptemberICPSR Japanese National Membership Association is established (SSJDA acts as the hub institution).
  • 2000 DecemberBook about Secondary Analysis published. Shakaichosa no Kokai Data 2-ji Bunseki he no Shotai  (Publicly Available Survey Data – Invitation to Secondary Analysis)  (University of Tokyo Press)
  • 2001 FebruaryBecomes a member of IFDO (International Federation of Data Organizations).
  • 2001 NovemberReceives Statistical Activities Award  from Japan Statistical Association.
  • 2005 JuneEstablishes Award for Excellence for papers based on Secondary Analysis (through March 2008).
  • 2005 OctoberOnline Analysis System starts operations.
  • 2006 MarchSocial Science Research and SSJ Data Archive symposium held.
  • 2006 SeptemberReceives the 2nd Japan Statistical Society Statistical Activities Award from Japan Statistical Society.
  • 2007 MarchFirst Quantitative Analysis Seminar held.
  • 2008 MarchData Archives and Their Prospects in East Asia: Collaborative Data Collection, Dissemination, and Data Sharing symposium held.
  • 2009 AprilName changes to Center for Social Research and Data Archives. SSJDA Direct (Data Download System) starts operations.
  • 2010 FebruaryStarts award program for depositors.
  • 2010 AprilAuthorized by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a Joint Usage and Research Center for Social Research and Data Archives.
  • 2014 FebruaryAll usage applications and usage reports are completed online and switched to the SSJDA Direct System completely.
  • 2016 AprilThe social research and data archive joint use/joint research center certification from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has been renewed.
  • 2018 OctoberAuthorized by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science as a Core Institution for Constructing Data Infrastructure for the Humanities ans Social Sciences.