Center for Social Research and Data Archives

Introduction to CSRDA


The University of Tokyo Institute of Social Science is unique in Japan, consisting of researchers from four disciplines of social science, namely law, political science, economics and sociology. The three main pillars of the Institute's activities are ① promoting joint research (institute-wide joint research projects, etc.), ② conducting surveys (social surveys, community-based surveys, etc.) and ③ building research infrastructure(SSJ Data Archive, the Institute of Social Science Library). Of these, the SSJ Data Archive and social surveys, etc. were created and carried out at the Information Center for Social Science Research on Japan which was established in 1996 and building on this experience, was reorganized and renamed the Center for Social Research and Data Archives in 2009.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has the goals of strengthening the infrastructure for academic research in Japan and promoting new academic research. To this end it has created a system for establishing hubs for joint usage and cooperative research. In 2010, this Center will become a hub for joint usage and cooperative research as a part of this system. Through these activities, the Center intends to take a leading role in the development of empirical social science research in Japan and the building of a network of East Asia social surveys and data archives. We would like to take this opportunity to ask all those involved for their cooperation with this Center in the future.

Director, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo
Director, Center for Social Research and Data Archives, Institute of Social Science
Yuji Genda
玄田 有史