Center for Social Research and Data Archives

Secondary Data Analysis Workshop

In order to promote the effective use of datasets in SSJDA, we select certain datasets that fit the year's theme. Participants of the workshop will discuss their analyses of the data. At the end of the workshop, the participants will present their analyses at a conference, and publish a research paper series. All the research papers are written in Japanese.

Fiscal 2020


  1. Secondary Analysis of Actual Conditions and Changes in the Jobs, Income, Learning and Lifestyle Using Japanese Panel Study of Employment Dynamics
  2. Secondary Analysis of Welfare, Education, and Life during the Formative Period of the Welfare Society in Postwar Japan
  3. Study of the Structure of Social Stratification and Changes in Education Using Administrative Data
  4. Secondary Analysis of the Effects of Career Awareness among High School Students on Career Decision
  5. Secondary Analysis of Social Backgrounds and Life Courses of Minorities in University
  6. Empirical Study of Changes in the Certification Criteria for Care Receivers and Their Effects
  7. Interdisciplinary Study of Factors Affecting Children's Self-Reliance Using Japanese Longitudinal Study of Children and Parents