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Lists of Topic, Keyword and Unit of Observation

Topic and Keyword

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Topic Explanation Typical Keywords
Information/Communication/Mass Media Use of information-communication technology and mass media. internet, phone, cell phone, television, radio, newspaper
Economy/Industry/Management Production and consumption by individuals or businesses, the business activity except for the employment and the labor matter. finance, investment, consumption, estate, economic performance, family budget
Education/Learning School education, development of human resources and self-development. school, rearing, human development, growth
Law Judical system (court, law suit) and attitudes toward the law itself. court, law suit
Health/Medical Care Health, medical care and medical service system. health, illness, disabilities
Social Security/Welfare Social security such as pension, medical insurance, and social welfare for childeren, the disabled and the poor. social security, welfare services, pension, nursing care
International Comparison/Diplomacy Cross-national comparison and the relationship between nations. cross-national comparison, international relationship
Politics/Administration/Election Political and administrative attitude, voting behavior. voting behavior, party, bureaucrat, election, self government
Employment/Labor Employment and labor system and attitudes toward them. management styles, working hours, temporary worker, labor unions, career, family life balance
Society/Culture Attitudes toward a society and one's values and life. social attitudes, values, older adults, gender, family, marriage, life, youth
Environment Global environment and natural environment. global environment, environmental protection
Security/Crime/Disaster Social security, crime and disaster. crime, public safety, earthquake, eruption
Other Not applied to the above caregories.

Unit of Observation

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Unit of Observation Explanation
Individual Surveys based on the unit of individual, including the case the object is limited in terms of age, job, social status and some other characteristics.
Organization Surveys based on the unit of some public organizations, like company (including office), commonality, school, political corporation, and local government.
Family Surveys based on the "family"(the unit of two or more people united by blood, marrigae or adoption (like parent and child, or a couple)).
Household Surveys based on the "household"(those who live in the same house and share their living).
Geographical Unit Surveys based on the"geographical unit"(such as county, city, and block).
Other Not applied to the above caregories.