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FAQ for Data Application

Yes, we need this information because our database does not function without it. If you do not fill in all the applicable spaces in the form, we cannot provide you with the data. With regard to students, we do require your supervisor's permission. By supervisor, we refer to any member of your academic staff whom you can contact on a regular basis. However, if any of our data use conditions or our agreement is violated, you AND your supervisor will be sent a warning.

Yes. Anyone who is planning to analyze data is required to submit application. If you plan to write or present papers with your colleagues, all the members of your research project have to submit applications by themselves.

If yours is an overseas application, please contact SSJDA.

Yes, you can have access to our datasets.

FAQ for Data Analysis

SSJDA provides data in “.dat” and “.sav” formats. You need to have SPSS installed in your computer in order to use sav files. For dat files, please follow the steps below to convert the file format and then import in your software.
1. Right-click the file icon and click “Rename”.
2. Rename the file "survey-number.dat" to "survey-number.txt", "survey-number.tsv" or "survey-number.csv".
3. Open the file with software that can read (tab-delimited) text files or CSV files.
If variable and value labels are garbed, please check the character encoding in your application software. For SPSS, check if the "Data and syntax encoding" is set to "Japanese", "Shift-JIS", "Japanese", or any other setting that allows Japanese notation.

No, you cannot share the data. Please read the first article of the "Agreement." Your colleague need to submit a new application by herself/himself.

Please inform us of any changes immediately by changing the user information from User Page of SSJDA Direct. (Please read the forth article of the "Agreement".)

Please read through the second article of the "Agreement". If you have any questions, please contact us and not the depositors. You are prohibited from directly asking the depositors questions because answering questions is not one of the conditions stipulated for the depositors. We acquire datasets from depositors by virtue of their kindness. If every user questions the depositors directly, it may interfere with the work being conducted by the depositors. In order to avoid such issues, all your queries will be answered by SSJDA.

Always provide acknowledgements in your article. Please read through the third article of the "Agreement". In your acknowledgements, you have to mention the name of surveys, and both the depositor's official name and the "Social Science Japan Data Archive, Center for Social Research and Data Archives, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo". Please mention the official name. We do not permit the abbreviation.

When your coauthors do not use the datasets at all, please specify who applied for, recieved, analysed and managed the datasets, in addition to acknowledgements in your article. If you have any question, please contact SSJDA.

The name of the data user applied for The name of the data, and recieved, analysed and managed it. Other coauthors do not use the datasets at all and The name of the data user is responsible about the data usage.

Please submit the Data Use Report and the extension of the data use period.

FAQ for Data Usage Reports

No, you are required to submit both the articles because we will send your results to the depositor. Every time you publish a paper, you have to submit Output Report and send a copy.

No, each user has to submit the Data Use Report and Data Output Report. However, with regard to the copies of published papers or books, you have only required to submit the stipulated number.

For undergraduate students who have used micro data for their graduation thesis or thesis contests, the faculty supervisor must conduct a Usage Report and register the Research Outputs; the DOIs, the electronic files, or printed copies must also be sent. Note that the lecture materials, presentation files created by the undergraduate students, and reports produced as part of class assignments are not included as Research Output and, hence, do not need registration.