Center for Social Research and Data Archives

For Depositors

How to Deposit Your Data

The basic steps for making a deposit are as follows:

  1. Fill out the Micro Data Deposit Form.
  2. Provide the SSJDA with a copy of the data on floppy diskettes, magnetic tapes, CD or magnetic optical (MO) discs.
  3. Provide the SSJDA with a survey report and other materials which indicate methods, the data format, and the coding procedure
  4. Respond to any inquiries or questions from the SSJDA.

The SSJDA converts the provided data into the standard (SPSS) format, examines the content, and creates a code book. The Archive also creates a survey outline and adds it to our data base along with the questionnaire(s). Some questions may be raised during this process.

Neither the depositor nor the Center is required to pay for data deposit.

Because the SSJDA exists for academic purposes, the costs involved in data deposit are not charged on either side of the parties.

Micro data can be deposited in the format you have saved it.

Micro data that are saved in formats such as TEXT, SPSS, SAS, Excel, and Lotus are accepted without conversion. Data, saved in a specific format other than the above, must be converted to TEXT before depositing. Acceptable media include floppy diskette, magnetic optical (MO) disc, magnetic tape, and CD. You can submit the attachment file of an e-mail message.

The Materials Required for Deposit

Micro Data Deposit Form --> only in Japanese

The data can be on floppy diskettes, magnetic optical (MO) discs, magnetic tapes, CD, or an attached file of e-mail.

Survey Report and Related Materials

The result of a previous analysis provide background information for a secondary analysis. So please submit two copies of the survey report. If the report does not refer to research methods, please submit a summary of the methods, too. These reports will be made available to the users if requested.

Questionnaire Format

If this information is included in the survey report, this will not be necessary.

Materials That Show the Micro Data Format

These are materials in TEXT format that show line location of each item. If you submit the data in SPSS format, this information is not necessary.

Other necessary materials, which are the Code book, determination of statistical weight, and other items and information necessary for secondary analysis.