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Visit our "Search Data Holdings" to search for the dataset(s) you wish to analyze. In searching for the desired data, please refer to the Abstract (English language), Gaiyo (abstract in Japanese), Chosa-hyo (questionnaire details in Japanese), and Chosa-hyo hokoku (reports on the questionnaire in Japanese) for each dataset, as well as the List of Publications Using SSJDA Data.

Search Data Holdings

By using the Search Data Holdings system you can search the Gaiyo (Abstract) information (e.g., Survey Title, Depositing Institution, Target of Survey, Main Survey Items, etc.) for each dataset in the SSJ Data Archive's published data list. In addition to standard search functions, you can also refine your search by Year of Survey, Topics, etc.

Related Materials

Abstract and Questionnaire Files

Detailed information on the datasets can be found in the "Abstract" (in English), "Gaiyo" (in Japanese) and "Questionnaire" files for each dataset. If you click "Questionnaire" tab in the Abstract page, you can find the questionnaires and simple summary statistics. Please carefully review the details regarding the survey methods and questions.

Reports on the Survey

In order to avoid confusion when analyzing the data, please begin by carefully reviewing the "Reports (articles)" and "References" for each dataset. SSJDA collects and stores the reports/articles provided by the data depositors for each survey at the Institute of Social Science Library, so please refer to the reports available through this website for the dataset(s) you wish to analyze.

List of Publications using SSJDA Data

The List of Publications using SSJDA Data provides a list of secondary analyses using the data provided by the SSJ Data Archive, divided into Books, Journal Articles, and Others.