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For Data Users

Applying for Data Use

Starting in February 2014, all applications for data use will be conducted online.
Those interested in using the data found in the SSJ Data Archives are required to register for an ID and password via SSJDA Direct (the online data application and downloading system).
Visit the SSJDA Direct to Login or Register as a New User for SSJDA Direct. For information on how to use SSJDA Direct, please refer to the SSJDA Direct User's Guide.
If you have questions, please refer to the FAQ from Users.

1. Acquiring an SSJDA Direct ID (First-time users only)

On the "New User Registration" page, please fill out your affiliation, position, name, and e-mail address.
In registering, you are required to consent to the SSJDA Direct Terms of Use.
Registration is free. Your ID is valid for two years after your last login date.

Notes for Faculty Members:
Faculty members are required to provide a valid e-mail address from an approved domain such as, .edu, etc. If your affiliated institution does not issue an e-mail address with an, .edu, or similar domain name, or if you wish to register an address with a different domain name, please contact SSJDA.
Notes for Graduate Students:
When registering, you are required to provide your name, affiliation, and the name and information of your faculty supervisor (academic advisor). Your faculty supervisor is required to acquire an SSJDA Direct ID in advance. The e-mail address of your faculty supervisor who is registered with SSJDA Direct is required when registering, and an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provide when you submit your application.

2. Applying for Data Use

Before applying for data use, it is necessary for you to confirm which dataset(s) you wish to apply for. In order to search for datasets or to view the list of available data, please click here. Please record the data name and data number of the dataset(s) you wish to apply for.

After deciding which dataset(s) you wish to apply for, please login to SSJDA Direct. Once logged in to the "My Page" screen, click on the "Application for Data Use" link.

3. Purpose of Use and Plan (Items necessary when applying)

The Purpose of Use for SSJDA data is divided into two categories: "Research Purposes" and "Educational Purposes".

"Research Purposes" refers to using datasets for one's own research, including published reports and conference presentations, etc. When applying for data use under this category, it is necessary to submit a 200-400 word explanation that includes the purpose and significance of the research, hypothesis or predicted outcome, questionnaire items you expect to use, and plans for disseminating your research results. If multiple users will use the same dataset(s) (i.e. in the case of collaborative research) each prospective user must submit a separate application.

"Educational Purposes" refers to data use by a faculty member for his/her course. This includes when a faculty member uses datasets as part of a course's instructional materials in order to demonstrate data analysis, or when data is used by students enrolled in the course for analysis and reports for the course. The faculty member is responsible for applying for the data, receiving the data, distributing the data, collecting the data from the students upon completion of the assignment/course, and submitting a Usage Report. When applying for data use under this category, it is necessary to record the name of the university where the course is being offered as well as the name of the course. It is also required for the faculty member to submit a Student List (a class roster of the enrolled students) within three months of the date of approval.

4. Usage Agreement

In applying for data use, you are agreeing to the Usage Agreement (Pledge).

5. Faculty Supervisor's Approval (For graduate students only)

When graduate students submit an Application for Data Use, students are required to input the e-mail address of their faculty supervisor, who must be registered with SSJDA Direct. Upon submission of the application, an e-mail will be sent to the faculty supervisor's e-mail address. The student's application will not be officially submitted until the faculty supervisor logs in to SSJDA Direct and confirms his/her consent for the student's application.

6. E-mail from SSJD Data Archive

Once the Application for Data Use is successfully submitted to the SSJ Data Archive, an automated confirmation e-mail titled "Acknowledgment of Application for Data Use" will be sent to the applicant's registered e-mail address. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail soon after submitting your application, please contact SSJDA.

7. Approval of Data Use

Once your Application for Data Use is accepted or rejected, you will receive an e-mail titled "Notice of Approval of Application for Data Use" or "Notice of Rejection of Application for Data Use" from SSJDA. The amount of time it will take to receive notification of approval or rejection depends on the kind of data applied for and the content of the application. In some cases, results can take as little as one week, in other cases a month or more. If applications are submitted during summer break or during the end of the year it may take additional time to process them, so please plan your application and research schedule accordingly.

If there are questions regarding your application, you may be contacted by the SSJ Data Archive. We ask for your cooperation in order to process your application as quickly as possible.

After receiving the e-mail notification regarding the results of your application, please consult the necessary procedures here.