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JGSS (Japanese General Social Surveys)

The Center for Social Research and Data Archive annually conducted general research on social consciousness and social behavior of Japanese people from academic year 1998 to 2012. This research involved the so-called General Social Surveys on Japanese society, conducted in cooperation with Osaka University of Commerce.

This kind of research has also been conducted in other countries such as the United States of America, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Those data bases are disseminated through data archive organizations in each country and utilized by a number of scholars.

JGSS started its activities with preliminary research in 1998, and now it is in its third phase.

The following sets of data were being provided by SSJ Data Archive until 2012:
1) and 2) Preliminary Research (First and Second)
3) JGSS-2000, 4) JGSS-2001, 5) JGSS-2002, 6) JGSS-2003 (First phase)
7) JGSS-2005, 8) JGSS-2006, 9) JGSS-2008, 10) JGSS-2010.

The organized data sets, which included the data of the first phase: 2000-2003 (data as mentioned in 3), 4), 5), and 6) listed above) were also provided.

JGSS joined the EASS (East Asia Social Surveys) project in the second phase that started in 2004 with the aim of generalizing/simplifying the comparison between China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan by including common questions in the surveys.

The theme for EASS-2006 was "family," and its research data set has been submitted to EASSDA (East Asia Social Survey Data Archive), which is a part of the Academy of East Asia Studies, Sungkyunkwan University. Its data base has been made accessible to the public since February 2009 through EASS website.
Together with making the data accessible to public through the website, 『データで見る東アジアの家族観-東アジア社会調査による日韓中台の比較』, edited by Noriko Iwai and Tokio Yasuda, was published (2009, Nakanishiya Publishing Company).

JGSS Research Center at Osaka University of Commerce was adopted as a hub for joint usage and cooperative research, and SSDJA had worked alongside JGSS until 2012, the third phase of JGSS project.

Encoding and decoding of industries and occupations of JGSS/EASS surveys were managed by SSJDA until 2012, and for that purpose, SSJDA also cooperated in developing an automatic coding system.

In order to promote the usage of those data sets, 『日本人の姿:JGSSにみる意識と行動』(2002, Yuhikaku Publishing Company), edited by Noriko Iwai and Hiroki Sato, was released as a trade book.
Additionally, in 2007, 『日本人の意識と行動』, edited by Ichiro Tanioka, Michio Nita, and Noriko Iwai (2008, The University of Tokyo Press), was published as one of the research results of the project.

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