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The SSJDA Seminar

The SSJDA Seminar [March 14 (Monday), 2022] "Unpacking the Legacies of Chemical Warfare: Evidence from the Vietnam War″

Date & Time
March 14 (Mon), 2022, 11:00-12:00
Unpacking the Legacies of Chemical Warfare: Evidence from the Vietnam War
Duc Tran Anh(Hiroshima University)
Junichi Yamasaki (Kobe University), Keisuke Kawata (The University of Tokyo)
How does exposure to wartime violence shape subsequent socioeconomic outcomes? Despite the growing scholarly interests in the legacies of war, the long-run effects of the herbicide spray in the Vietnam War--the most massive usage of chemical weapons and indiscriminate violence in human history--remains understudied. We investigate the legacies of chemical warfare by exploiting the spray flight-level archival records, originally georeferenced historical maps, and the historical fact that the US prohibited herbicide spraying beyond the Cambodia-Vietnam border. While preliminary, the empirical analysis suggests two persistent patterns: Herbicide exposure during the 1961-1971 period is negatively associated with (1) population growth, as a proxy of urbanization, and, to a lesser extent, (2) nightlight luminosity growth, as a proxy of economic growth, in the present day.
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