Center for Social Research and Data Archives

Secondary Data Analysis Workshop

Fiscal 2019


  1. Secondary Analysis of the Health and Living for the Elderly Generations
  2. Secondary Analysis of Welfare, Education, and Life during the Formative Period of   the Welfare Society in Postwar Japan
  3. Study of the Structure of Social Stratification and Changes in Education Using Administrative Data
  4. Quantitative Study of Changing Process in Social Consciousness in Postwar Japan
  5. Relationships between Career Choices of High School Students and their Mothers and their Further Decisions
  6. Examinations of Family Research Using Dyadic Data Which Focus on Relationships between Married Couples, Parents and Children, and Siblings
  7. Secondary Analysis of Social Backgrounds and Life Courses of University Dropouts
  8. Empirical Study of Changes in the Certification Criteria for Care Receivers and Their Effects