Center for Social Research and Data Archives

Secondary Data Analysis Workshop

Fiscal 2018


  1. Secondary Analysis of the jobs and Lifestyles of Working People: Observations of Data Between 2007-2017
  2. Diversification of Working Style and Changes in Structures of Stratification and Consciousness
  3. Secondary Analysis of Welfare, Education, and Life during the Formative Period of the Welfare Society in Postwar Japan
  4. Analysis of Determinants of Student Choice of Scientific Field of Study: A Quantitative Analysis Using Tracking Data of High School Students
  5. Comparative Study of the Effects of Family Structure on Children's Achievement
  6. Study of the Structure of Social Stratification Using Administrative Data
  7. Study of Trends and Mechanisms of Inequality in Contemporary Japan
  8. Secondary Analysis of Microdata on Work-Life-Balance
  9. Study of the Structure of Life Time and Its Changes in Japan
  10. Quantitative Study of Changing Process in Social Consciousness in Postwar Japan
  11. Secondary Analysis of the Qualitative Study of the Victims Survey Data Regarding the Great East Japan Earthquake and Reconstruction to Elucidate Living Conditions in Temporary Housing in the Second Year
  12. Secondary Analysis of Japanese Nationals with Overseas Employment and Career Experience in Japan for Expatriates
  13. Career Awareness among High School Students and a Basic Analysis of Follow-Up Surveys
  14. Examinations of Family Research Using Dyadic Data Which Focus on Relationships between Married Couples, Parents and Children, and Siblings