Center for Social Research and Data Archives

Secondary Data Analysis Workshop

Fiscal 2017


  1. Secondary Analysis of Household, Work and Child-rearing Using Couple Data.
  2. Quantitative Study of Changes in Sexual Behavior and Consciousness of Youth
  3. Diversification of Working Style and Changes in Structures of Stratification and Consciousness
  4. Secondary Analysis of Welfare, Education, and Life during the Formative Period of the Welfare Society in Postwar Japan
  5. Analysis of Student Choice among High School and University Students: Determinants of Choice and Effects on Earnings
  6. Comparative Study of the Effects of Family Structure on Children's Achievement
  7. Study of the Structure of Social Stratification Using Administrative Data
  8. Study of Trends and Mechanisms of Inequality in Contemporary Japan
  9. Study of Close Interaction between Family Formation and Working Style from the point of Work-Life-Balance
  10. Study of the Structure of Life Time and Its Changes in Japan
  11. Quantitative Study of Changing Process in Social Consciousness in Postwar Japan
  12. Qualitative Study of the Victims Survey Data Regarding the Great East Japan Earthquake and Reconstruction