Center for Social Research and Data Archives

Secondary Data Analysis Workshop

Fiscal 2016


  1. Secondary Analysis of data on Political Consciousness and Voting Behavior in Contemporary Japan.
  2. Secondary Analysis of data on Inequality in Contemporary Japan.
  3. Multilateral Studies on the Relationship between Employment and Living Activities in Japan
  4. How Children Spend their Time and Live their Lives- "After-School Life Time Survey" from 2008 and 2013
  5. Quantitative Social History on the Formation Process of the Welfare Society in Postwar Japan
  6. Study of Secondary Analysis and the Analysis Method of the Victims Survey Data related to the Great East Japan Earthquake and Reconstruction
  7. Panel Data Analysis of Changes in Work, Family, and Consciousness
  8. Study of Family and Cumulative Advantage and Disadvantages among the Youth and Middle-aged Population.
  9. Quantitative Study of Changes in Sexual Behavior and Consciousness of Youth
  10. Basic Analysis of the Structure of Social Stratification Using Administrative Data
  11. Analysis of Determinants of student Choice of Scientific Field of Study